Top Ten List: The Advantages of a Virtual Event

I’m so excited about my virtual speaking event tomorrow with Mommy Jammies Night. You’ll find complete instructions HERE for how to join us and listen in. I’ll be presenting a talk on middle schoolers with some great tips for parents, and you can listen in and even ask questions all from the privacy of your home, or Starbucks, or wherever you want to go with your laptop! This is a no-fuss event, friends, unlike all the packing and preparing that I normally do when I go to speak at a homeschool convention. In fact, I was able to think of so many advantages, I came up with a top ten list!

Things I don’t have to worry about for Tuesday night:

10. Getting directions to the event, paying for gas and parking my humongous van (BIG savings!). You don’t either! This event is totally FREE!

9. Setting up my booth. If you want to purchase any of my resource, just click on the items you see here on my website, or head over to Amazon.

8. Getting my roots done (I really should have last week…)

7. What to wear. The dress code for Mommy Jammies Night is pajamas! So come in whatever you want to lounge in. And don’t feel like you have to go out and get new ones. 😉

6. The person in front of me going over the time limit for their session. This happens sometimes at homeschooling conventions because everyone has very important information to share…but we should start right on time for Mommy Jammies!

5. Forgetting my flash drive and having to race back to the convention hall to get it. Nope, I’ve got everything I need right here at my desk.

4. Having enough seats for everyone.

3. People in the audience looking at me funny. (If you do, it’s okay–I’ll never know!)

2. My feet hurting at the end of my talk.

1. And definitely, I won’t have to worry about my van exploding on the way down.

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